Hunting is a way of life for many people in Kansas, and something that all of us have a God given right to do. Many people in our state enjoy hunting for birds and deer as a hobby, as do I. As a state legislator, I’d like to make some changes to our state’s hunting laws. For instance, I believe that the rifle season for deer hunting is too short. Having too large of a deer population causes problems in our state, as our residents run into deer with their vehicles on roads, causing damage to their vehicles. In many cases, drivers are also injured or killed. I believe that it would be good to allow for a longer deer hunting season, as it would give hunters more time to hunt and would reduce traffic accidents in our state.

Therefore, I’m proposing expanding the deer hunting season for rifles to include the entire month of December, rather than just a week and a half in December. Our rifle season for deer is shorter than it is in many states, and for many reasons I’m in favor of expanding it. I’m open to negotiating the exact time frame in which it would be expanded, but I believe our state legislature should at least consider the idea of expanding the time for rifle deer season in Kansas.