Brett Fairchild of KS

Brett Fairchild

  • Served as an office assistant in Topeka in 2019
  • Pledges to vote for all pro life legislation
  • Will fight to defend farmers' water rights
  • Supports tax relief for working families
  • Supports defending religious freedom
  • Supports defending the 2nd Amendment

My Positions on the Issues


I’m 100% pro life, and I pledge to always vote in favor of all pro life legislation as a State Representative.


As a State Representative, I’ll be a strong voice for farmers in our district. Government over regulation is harming farmers in our state.

Budgetary Issues

 I strongly believe that Topeka has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

Civil Liberties

From warrantless wiretapping to indefinite detention of U.S citizens without a trial to intrusive searches at airports, the civil liberties of the American people are under assault.

Direct Ballot Initiatives

I strongly believe that we should allow direct ballot initiatives in our state.


As someone who attended a public school growing up and worked as a substitute teacher at a public school for a year, I certainly recognize the value of public education.

Gun Rights

I'm a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and as a State Representative I'll vote to uphold our right to keep and bear arms.

Health Care

I’m strongly in favor of having a free market healthcare system and will advocate for free market healthcare as a State Representative.


While immigration is primarily a federal issue and not a state issue, I believe that we can at least make illegal immigration less common in our state.

Licensing Reform

Occupational licensing in our state has been expanding in recent years, which has resulted in competition being stifled and job growth being slowed.

Religious Liberty

In recent years, religious liberty in our country has been under assault.  The freedom of Christians and people of other religions to practice their faith has been under attack by secular progressives in America.


I believe that if we don’t get government spending under control in our state, it will result in additional tax increases in the future.


I’m in favor of lower taxes, and as a State Representative I’ll advocate for tax relief for poor and middle class families in our state.