Brett Fairchild of KS

Brett Fairchild

  • Serves on the Agriculture and Water Committees
  • Has a 100 Percent Pro-Life Voting Record
  • Voted for the Fairness in Women's Sports Act
  • Voted to repeal the tax on Social Security
  • Voted to restrict Chinese land ownership
  • Voted to preserve the 2nd Amendment

My Positions on the Issues


I’m 100% pro-life. I’ve voted in favor of all pro-life legislation as a state representative. I’ve been endorsed by Kansans For Life in every election that I’ve ran in, and I’ve fought to defend the lives of unborn children in the Kansas legislature.


In Agriculture Committee, we passed what’s known as “the fake meat bill,” a bill which requires plant-based meat products to be properly labeled.

Budgetary Issues

As a state representative, I’ve been a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility. I’ve voted against budgets that I believe spend too much money and are fiscally irresponsible.

Civil Liberties

As a state representative, I’ve fought to defend the civil liberties of the people of our state.


As someone who attended a public school growing up and worked as a substitute teacher at a public school for a year, I certainly recognize the value of public education.

Gun Rights

I’m a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and as a state representative I’ve voted to uphold and expand our 2nd Amendment rights.

Health Care

I’m strongly in favor of having a free-market healthcare system, and I’ve advocated free market healthcare policies as a state representative.


I oppose illegal immigration but support legal immigration, recognizing that illegal immigration has contributed to a number of problems in our country, but also recognizing that those who come here legally should be welcomed into our country.

Licensing Reform

Occupational licensing in our state has been expanding in recent years, which has resulted in competition being stifled and job growth being slowed.

Religious Liberty

In recent years, religious liberty in our country has been under assault.  The freedom of Christians and people of other religions to practice their faith has been under attack by secular progressives in America.


I’m strongly opposed to all corporate welfare and would never vote to send taxpayer money to any corporation.


I believe that taxes should be as low as possible, and as a state representative I’ve voted to provide tax relief for the people of our state.