Since I’ve been in the state legislature, I’ve been a strong advocate of fiscal responsibility. I’ve voted against budgets that I believe are fiscally irresponsible, as well as other spending bills. Earlier this year, the Kansas legislature passed the worst bill that I’ve seen since I’ve been in the state legislature. This bill was House Sub for SB 347, known as the Attracting Powerful Economic Expansion Act. This bill would give economic incentives, including actual taxpayer subsidies, to companies that invest at least 1 billion in the state of Kansas. In reality, this bill was passed to try to recruit one company to come to Kansas.

Most legislators didn’t even know what company this would be when they voted on the bill. Those who were told what company it would be were required to sign a non disclosure agreement, where they couldn’t tell anyone which company might be coming to Kansas. Yet, this bill passed easily anyway, with many legislators voting for the bill without even knowing what company the bill would affect. I’m strongly opposed to all corporate welfare and would never vote to send taxpayer money to any corporation. I believe strongly in free markets, that every business should have to survive on their own. I believe that we should look through our state budget and eliminate all government programs that involve corporate welfare.

In addition, I believe that state spending could be reduced by reducing the number of state workers over time. The number of state workers are about 28% higher than the national average, per capita. I believe that we could reduce the total number of state workers through attrition, without even having to lay anyone off. Whenever a state employee retires, if we find that it’s not absolutely necessary to replace that employee, then that employee simply shouldn’t be replaced. We can then reduce the size of the state workforce over time through attrition, and as a result we’ll reduce the size and scope of our state government.