I believe that if we don’t get government spending under control in our state, it will result in additional tax increases in the future. Therefore, I’m advocating several different ways that we can get government spending under control in our state. The statistical evidence shows that we have too many state employees. The number of state employees in Kansas is 27% higher than the national average per capita. If we were to look to reduce the number of state employees in Kansas to somewhere around the national average, that would save quite a bit of money for our state. This policy change wouldn’t necessarily have to be implemented through massive layoffs of state workers. Rather, it could be implemented over time simply by not filling some positions when state workers quit or retire. As a state, we should hold hearings on the issue and determine which state jobs are absolutely essential and which jobs we could do without.

Additionally, our state could save hundreds of millions of dollars if we were to put an end to no bid contracts and ensure a competitive bidding process for all state contracts. According to reporting from the Wichita Eagle and the Kansas City Star in 2018, during the previous eight years, Kansas authorized $550 million to buy products and services without competitive bids. Overall, state officials have approved no-bid purchases more than 1,000 times. I believe if we were to end this practice, or at least significantly reduce it, it would result in more efficiency within our state government and would result in reduced government spending within our state. I believe this is something that the legislature should hold hearings on and study. If elected to the state legislature, I plan on bringing this issue to the attention of the other legislators in Topeka.