Budgetary Issues

I strongly believe that Topeka has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Overall tax rates in our state are now higher than before Governor Brownback took office, but yet our state is still facing budget shortfalls in the years ahead. In the last legislative session, the Kansas legislature passed the largest tax increase in our state’s history, but yet also passed massive new spending increases. This makes no sense as a policy, as it will simply harm economic growth in our state and crowd out private investment.

If I’m elected to the state legislature, I plan to introduce an amendment to the Kansas Constitution that would require a 2/3rds vote by the state legislature before taxes are increased. This amendment would be similar to balanced budget amendments that have been introduced by conservative Republicans at the federal level. This amendment would force the state legislature to confront the issue of government spending and get government spending under control. I strongly believe that we can cut spending and reduce the size of government in our state, and during my campaign I will present specific ways we can do that.