Budgetary Issues

If elected to the legislature, I plan on being an advocate for fiscal responsibility. In 2019, the Kansas legislature passed a budget that increased state spending by a whopping 8%. I believe for most people in our district who have a family and adhere to a strict monthly budget, these types of dramatic spending increases make no sense economically. Working families in our district have to stay within a budget and have to figure out ways to spend their money more efficiently, whenever they face tough economic times. Yet, our government simply continues to demand more and more money from Kansas taxpayers, and they continue to spend that money recklessly.

If elected to the legislature, I’ll be a staunch advocate for living within our means and being responsible with taxpayer money. I’m pledging to introduce a bill that would place a cap on state spending. Under my bill, the legislature wouldn’t be allowed to increase state spending in a given year beyond the rate of inflation. The state legislature has already mandated this same policy on the counties. When the legislature passed the property tax lid bill several years ago, this policy prevented the counties from increasing their budget beyond the rate of inflation in a given year, unless they get approval from the voters through a special election. Even though the legislature forced this policy on the counties, they refuse to abide by the same rules. Instead, the Kansas legislature regularly increases state spending way beyond the rate of inflation. This is wrong and hypocritical, and it needs to end. If elected to the legislature, I’ll be an advocate for holding the Kansas legislature to the same set of rules that they imposed on the counties in our state.