As an elected representative, I’ll be a strong voice for farmers in our district. Government over regulation is harming farmers in our state, and I’ll be a strong voice for eliminating government regulations which harm farmers.

I’ll also push for allowing industrial hemp farming in our state. Industrial hemp isn’t a drug, and it’s been used since the founding of our nation. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp for food and for fiber. We allow hemp to be imported from other countries, and we allow our citizens to buy hemp products, but yet we don’t allow hemp to be grown or sold in the United States. This makes no sense as a policy. Hemp can be used to make paper, rope, and other products. Hemp can also be used for fuel, including bio diesel fuel. Industrial hemp would result in a cash crop for farmers in Kansas, as it only needs a third of the water that corn needs in order to grow. It’s a crop that performs very well in dry weather.

Currently, the farm economy in Kansas is in bad shape due to low commodity prices, which has caused our state’s economy to decline. If industrial hemp were to take off in our state, I believe it would lead to higher commodity prices for corn and wheat as well, as fewer acres of corn and wheat would be planted. Industrial hemp also wouldn’t need to be irrigated in order to grow, since it requires very little water. This would help reduce the amount of water used in our state, which would be very beneficial since we have a declining water table in our state. I believe that allowing for industrial hemp farming would revitalize our state’s economy, leading to increased economic growth and more revenue for our state’s government.