I’m 100% pro life, and I pledge to always vote in favor of all pro life legislation as a state representative. I believe that life begins at conception, and I believe that defending the right to life is very important. Without the right to life, there is no right to liberty or to private property. Therefore, I believe that defending the right to life is the most important role of government.

If elected to the legislature, I pledge to introduce legislation to end abortion in our state. This will be the first bill that I’ll introduce as a state representative. Abortion is an act of violence against an innocent baby, and the research that I’ve done shows that an actual abortion procedure is never medically necessary. There may very well be situations in which a doctor has to do what’s necessary to save the life of the mother, and this may inadvertently result in the death of the unborn baby. However, this isn’t the same thing as an abortion. I believe that doctors should view both the mother and the baby as a patient. Doctors have two patients and should do everything possible to save the lives of both patients.

The issue of preserving the sanctity of human life is an issue I’m passionate about, and I’ll never waver on this issue. If elected to the state legislature, I’ll do everything within my power to end the evil practice of abortion in our state.