I’m strongly pro-life, and as a state representative I voted in favor of the Value Them Both Pro-Life amendment, to overturn the Kansas Supreme Court’s opinion which created a Constitutional right to an abortion. This amendment passed the Kansas legislature with a 2/3rds vote, and the people of our state will vote on it in the August primary election.

I believe that passing this amendment will be a good first step towards protecting the lives of unborn children in our state.

Ultimately, I believe that we should provide equal protection under the law for all unborn children. I believe that science proves that life begins at conception, and the government has a responsibility to protect that life from conception until natural death. I believe that unborn children should receive the exact same legal protections that all other human beings have.

I believe the primary purpose of government is to defend life, liberty, and property, with the most important of these being life. You can always count on me to fight to defend the lives of unborn children in the Kansas legislature.