Health Care

I’m strongly in favor of having a free market healthcare system and will advocate for free market healthcare as a state representative. In my opinion, our country hasn’t had a free market healthcare system for a long time. Even prior to Obamacare, there were far too many government controls and mandates within our nation’s healthcare system. When you look at graphs of the cost of healthcare and health insurance from the 1960’s to the current time, the cost of healthcare and health insurance has risen exponentially. Prior to the federal government’s involvement in healthcare in the early 1960’s, the cost of healthcare and health insurance was just a fraction of what the cost is today. Government mandates, regulations, and spending programs have resulted in far higher healthcare and health insurance costs.

One example of a free market reform to our nation’s healthcare system that I’m advocating is to allow insulin to be sold directly over the counter. Insulin isn’t dangerous, and I don’t see any reason why people shouldn’t be allowed to buy it without a doctor’s prescription. In Canada, they allow insulin to be sold directly over the counter, and the price of insulin in Canada is far lower than it is in the United States. This policy would help some of the people who have preexisting conditions, as a significant percentage of people who have preexisting conditions have diabetes. If the insulin were sold over the counter and were far less expensive than what it is now, people with diabetes would likely be able to afford it without having health insurance. This is a policy change that would likely have to be enacted at the federal level, but it’s an idea that I’m presenting as a necessary free market reform.

Additionally, I’m opposed to expanding Obamacare in the form of Medicaid expansion and would vote against doing so as a state representative. I’m opposed to expanding it for several reasons. First, expanding Medicaid would add several billion dollars to the federal deficit and national debt at a time when our nation already has a 20 trillion national debt. I believe that our nation is on the brink of financial calamity, and we shouldn’t enact policies at the state level which continue to increase the national debt. Also, Medicaid expansion would be expensive at the state level, and would likely require additional tax increases. I believe that taxes are far too high already, and I’m opposed to increasing government spending in a way that will lead to even more tax increases.

Lastly, it’s very possible that the federal government will shift more of the cost of expanding Medicaid to the states in the future. In the most recent debate about repealing and replacing Obamacare, there were some proposals by the GOP led Congress to shift more of the cost for expanding Medicaid onto the states in the future. Therefore, if Medicaid is expanded in Kansas, the price tag for the expansion could rise significantly in the future. I’m not unconcerned about the well being of poor people in Kansas, and some of the policies that I’m proposing would help the poor in Kansas. For instance, I support repealing the sales tax on food, which would benefit the poor in our state. I just believe that it’s better to allow the poor to keep more of their own money to begin with, rather than taking money from the poor and giving it back to them in the form of welfare benefits.