Licensing Reform

Occupational licensing in our state has been expanding in recent years, which has resulted in competition being stifled and job growth being slowed. In Kansas, occupational licensing laws have gone so far that even cosmetologists and makeup artists are forced to have a license before they can legally provide services to people. I see no need to force people in those professions to obtain licenses, and I believe that licensing requirements for those types of professions should be repealed.

I believe that we should take a close look at our state’s licensing requirements and determine which type of occupations truly need to be licensed and which occupations don’t need to be licensed.

In the house, I voted in favor of HB 2066, which passed the Kansas legislature. This bill provided occupational licensing reciprocity for people who come to our state to live. I believe this bill was a step in the right direction, as it allows people to come here and work far more easily, without having to jump through a bunch of hoops and having to wade through red tape. I believe this bill will help our state’s employment situation, encouraging more people to move to Kansas to work. I was proud to support this bill which reduces regulations and improves occupational licensing in our state.