The United States was founded as a nation of immigrants, and our country has always had a very welcoming immigration policy, rewarding those who seek to come here in a legal fashion, in order to pursue the American dream. However, it’s not realistic to have open borders, and we have to have an orderly, legal process for immigrants to come to our country. Opposing illegal immigration is not “anti immigrant.” Rather, it’s necessary in order to uphold the rule of law. I oppose illegal immigration but support legal immigration, recognizing that illegal immigration has contributed to a number of problems in our country, but also recognizing that those who come here legally should be welcomed into our country.

While immigration is primarily a federal issue and not a state issue, I believe that we can at least make illegal immigration less common in our state. I believe we can do this by ending all government benefits for those who are here illegally. It’s just common sense that subsidizing illegal immigration simply creates more illegal immigration. The problem of illegal immigration would likely be far less common in our state if we were to focus on ending all government benefits for those who are here illegally. When I ran for state representative in 2018 and knocked on doors in the district, the subject of illegal immigration was the number one subject that people brought up. Illegal immigration seems to be one of the most important issues to the people in our district, if not the most important. The people that I talk to believe that it’s simply unfair to give their hard earned tax dollars to those who are here illegally. Therefore, if I’m fortunate enough to be elected to the state legislature, I will certainly vote to represent the people of our district on this issue, and I pledge to vote against all government benefits for those who are here illegally.